After Hours Orthodontic Emergencies

As parents or patients you will occasionally face orthodontic emergencies. Most cases are fairly simple to treat and the patient will feel better in a matter of minutes. In case of doubt, please do not hesitate to call our office in Beverly Hills. If you need assistance after hours, please call our office at (323)761-0731 and leave a message. We will notify Dr. Elfersi and she will call you back at her earliest convenience. If orthodontic emergencies requires more attention, we will schedule you for a visit at our Beverly Hills location.

Orthodontic Emergencies

What if I am in pain?

Pain is the most frequent of orthodontic emergencies. It is common for patients to feel pain in the first days after beginning treatment. Over the counter pain medications are one the most effective means of pain control. Please note that aspirin and Ibuprofen (like Advil) are linked with slower tooth movement, therefore Acetaminophen (like Tylenol) is the preferred analgesic during active treatment. Please be aware of advice from an your physician, the medication instructions, appropriate ages, and side effects before deciding on which medication to take. Do not hesitate do call our Beverly Hills practice about orthodontic emergencies for any additional information.

Sores in mouth soft tissues

After placing braces, sores often erupt on the cheeks, lips or tongue. Antibacterial oral rinses (like Listerine) are available over the counter and will hep reduce the inflammation. In case of acute pain, you could supplement the oral rinse with topical anesthetics (like Orabase) and apply it directly on the tissue and provide pain relief. Be wary of allergic reaction and follow the label instructions before using. If you are unsure about orthodontic emergencies, please call our Beverly Hills location and we will schedule an appointment promptly.

Braces Breakage

Orthodontic emergencies can involve an appliance breakage. The best way to avoid them is to follow directions from Dr. Elfersi and avoid problematic food:

  • Hard and sticky foods/candy Chips, Popcorn, Jerky, Nuts, Jolly Ranchers Gum, Starbursts, Tootsie Rolls, Caramel, Taffy
  • Chewing on hard objects Pens and pencils, Ice cubes
  • Raw hard fruits and vegetables should be in smaller pieces

In case of brace breakage, most likely the bracket stays on the wire. It cannot be swallowed in most cases. It is not an urgent issue. Please do not attempt to fix it yourself in any way. Call our Beverly Hills practice and we will schedule you for an orthodontic emergency appointment. If the bracket movements are an issue, please apply some wax against it and schedule an appointment with Dr. Elfersi.

Band Fell Off

A band is a metal ring around your back molars. A band falling off cannot harm you but it needs attention. It is not part as urgent as other orthodontic emergencies. Please call Elfersi Orthodontics in Beverly Hills during normal business hours to schedule an appointment.

Poking Wire

Sometimes with teeth movements wires end up poking the gums, chick or tongue. Most of the times you put a temporary fix until you are seen by Dr. Elfersi. Simply dry the area around the wire, make a roll of wax and place it at the wire extremity. If you are still bothered by the poking you can call our office in Beverly Hills and make an appointment to adjust the wire.


Call us for more information on orthodontics emergencies