Invisalign Teen in Beverly Hills

No wires or brackets. No doubt.

Invisalign Teen clear aligners straighten your teeth without metal wires and brackets that make clear braces. Aligners are made of a smooth, clear plastic that is virtually invisible! Your friends probably won’t even know you’re wearing them. You’ll enjoy the confidence of showing that smile every day hence, making for a better social life overall.
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Invisalign Teen

How Does Invisalign Teen Work?

No two teen cases are the same. We rather deliver a unique, customized teeth straightening solution for each patient. Our Invisalign  Teen technology is more precise then clear braces and keeps you moving forward. That’s why Dr. Elfersi uses the most advanced the technology for Invisalign teen in Beverly Hills.
With Invisalign Teen proprietary innovations, such as SmartTrack® material, your smile can transform up to 50% faster. And as your adolescent becomes the person you’ve always seen, they’ll continue to enjoy the things that make them, them.
During your Invisalign Teen treatment, you can monitor compliance through an indicator on the aligner. Your teen will wear them for 22 hours a day, but can easily remove them so there are fewer interruptions to their lifestyle.

Unleash your smile up to 50% faster

They keep moving. Make sure their smile keeps up. If your case allows it, your treatment could be up to 50% faster then clear braces when changing Invisalign aligners every week.
Move your smile and life forward with Invisalign® clear aligners:

  • Shape your smile with up to 75% more predictability with SmartTrack® material.
  • Aligners are trimmed along your gum line for optimal comfort and aesthetics.
  • No interruption to your lifestyle. You continue to enjoy the foods and activities you love.
  • Easier to brush and floss as normal, for better oral health.
  • More affordable than you may think: insurance may cover up to 50% of your Invisalign Teen treatment at our Beverly Hills practice.


Easy and Fast Cleaning

Your bedtime routine can continue as before, with the simple addition of cleaning your aligners. Unlike with clear braces, you won’t be struggling with trying to floss and brush in between brackets and wires.

Playing Sports

For those in contact sports worry of clear braces, Invisalign Teen clear aligners let you play without the worry of sharp brackets cutting your mouth. When your sport requires wearing a protective mouthguard, simply remove your aligners and you’re good to go!
That’s it! Achieving that great smile couldn’t be easier! It all start with an appointment at Elfersi Orthodontics in Beverly Hills.

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