Before and After

Our team at Elfersi Orthodontics in Beverly Hills loves to look back at our patients’ transformation. Patients come to us with different conditions but all leave with a beautiful, healthy smile. Dr. Tali Elfersi shapes your smiles through a variety of methods including Invisalign, clear ceramic braces and more. Dr. Elfersi aims for perfection for each and every patient. At completion of treatment, our patients can’t stop smiling and are amazed by the results. We feel privileged to help our patients achieve and maintain a beautiful and healthy smile.

See for yourself.


Spacing Patient1

Spacing Treated with Invisalign

Spacing Invisalign1

Adult Surgical Case

Adult Surgical Case Patient1


Crossbite Patient1


Crowding Patient1

Open Bite

OpenBite Patient1

Deep Bite

DeepBite Patient1

Excessive Overjet and Deep Bite

Excessive overbite  and Deep Bite Patient1 1