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Dr. Elfersi is the most caring female Beverly Hills orthodontist. She is also board certified and part of the USC School of Dentistry faculty. At Elfersi Orthodontics, we treat each patient with care, in a courteous and gentle manner. In addition, Dr. Elfersi uses the most advanced methods to design effective orthodontic treatment. Most of all,  the same orthodontist will treat you at every visit in our Beverly Hills practice. We simply deliver the best aesthetic results that will give you a healthy and beautiful smile!

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We treat you like family

Before becoming an orthodontist, Dr. Elfersi was in treatment in her teen years. Her experience while in braces drives her compassion and care. Her resulting beautiful smile however, is the result she aims for in each patient.
She is also proud to make Elfersi Orthodontics the most family friendly practice in Beverly Hills. We understand that our patients’ orthodontist expectations go beyond braces. Indeed, we are here to make a difference in people’s lives. As a mother, Dr. Elfersi cares for every patient and only recommends the most suitable treatment.

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Personalized attention and treatment

Orthodontics is what we love and what we do exclusively. Hence, we specialize in straightening teeth and fixing malocclusion. Since Dr. Elfersi is an orthodontist specialist, she can excel in her field and offer you the service you deserve. She always devotes time to answer questions and describe her recommended treatment. In addition, Dr. Elfersi will explain the patient’s role in achieving his beautiful and healthy smile.
Dr. Elfersi will be your dedicated female orthodontist in Beverly Hills. She will personally design your treatment plan and oversee it from your first visit till debonding.

Dr. Elfersi Female Beverly Hills Orthodontist with patient

Solutions that fit you

At Elfersi Orthodontics in Beverly Hills, we love welcoming new patients. We treat kids, ever busy teenagers or demanding adults coming for the gift of a better smile. We offer solutions that fit your lifestyle:

  • Invisalign – The most advanced clear aligner system in the world.
  • Advanced Braces – Low profile braces that enhance both aesthetics and patient comfort
  • Ceramic Braces – Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Braces that blend in with your teeth for a great look. Perfect combination of strength and beauty.
  • Lingual Braces – Incognito System for invisible, intelligent, and custom braces.


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